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DreamLight Photo Editor

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Ricardo Soria Senior editor

DreamLight Photo Editor is a novel software tool that allows you to add a wide variety of funny and fantastic effects to your photos. In total, you have 150 effects to choose from, that you can apply to your photos to convert them into original creations. Besides, you can combine several effects in the same photo, so that you can actually get thousands of fantastic creations from a single picture.
The program's user interface could not be simpler and easier to use. All you need to do is load a single photo and start applying your desired effects. Unfortunately, the program only supports JPG and BMP image file formats. The available effects, on the other hand, are classified into 15 categories, which include light, dream, star, weather, art, texture, color, and edge, among others. Once you select a category, you can choose any of the 10 effects assigned to it.

Before effectively applying an effect to your photo, the program will show you a preview window, where you can check the results and change the color of the effect in question. There is also a button that allows you to undo the latest change applied. Finally, once you are totally satisfied with your creation, the program allows you to save it as a different image file, which helps you avoid altering the original photo by accident.

As a conclusion, DreamLight Photo Editor is a novel tool that allows you to apply multiple combinations of fantastic effects to your photos. However, there are also some disadvantages about this tool that turn it mostly unsuitable for professional purposes.


  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Provides you with 150 effects you can apply to your photos.
  • Allows you to combine multiple effects in a single photo.
  • Offers you a preview before actually applying the effects to your photo.
  • Prevents you from altering your original photo by accident.


  • Supports JPG and BMP image file formats only.
  • Does not support batch processing.
  • The undo button allows you to undo only the latest change applied.
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trusted DOWNLOAD 6.7 MB

Publisher's description

Like its name, DreamLight Photo Editor is an image editing software to easily add many dream effects onto your digital photo.

With DreamLight Photo Editor, just by simple mouse clicking, you can add dream effects:

1) Preset filter.
2) Light A filter.
3) Light B filter.
4) Light A filter.
5) Star filter.
6) Amazing filter.
7) Dream A filter.
8) Dream B filter.
9) Weather filter.
10) Gradient filter.
11) Color filter.
12) Art filter.
13) Texture filter.
14) Edge A filter.
15) Edge B filter.

There are 15 kinds of filters. Each filter has 10 special effect. So there are totally 150 single special effects for you to choose.

Besides using the single effect, you can also use multi effects onto one photo. For example, first use one of Light effects, second use one of Star effects, then use one of Edge effects etc. By this way, you will create thousands of different special effects onto your photo.

Latest comments

  All comments (5)
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    tehseen 8 months ago

    This provides the best way to edit your images. I enjoyed it so much.

  • 5
    Helen Cobos 2 years ago
    Pros: Effective, easy-to-use
    Cons: None

    An amazing app that lets you change and enhance photos. The price is justified.

    • 0
      tehseen 8 months ago

      You are right but it is basic

  • 0
    Guest 4 years ago

    Sun Broadband really provides me a simple way to connect to the Internet.

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